Founded in 1992, Team Sports Outfitters Inc. began as a family owned sporting goods shop whose primary focus was to offer the highest quality service available. Shortly after opening, the company purchased screen printing presses and embroidery equipment and began providing one-stop shop team services. The new machinery also allowed the company to expand into commercial markets and offer extended services.

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Serving Greater Phoenix for Years

For over twenty years, TSO has been providing top quality screen printing, embroidery and apparel customization. As a local industry fixture, we apply our vast knowledge and experience to everything we do. We stand behind all of our products and guarantee satisfaction.

Screen Printing

We pride ourselves on the quality of screen printing work. We have screen printing professionals with many years of experience who have mastered the finest work in the valley.


Our embroidery jobs are exceptional. We can accomplish most designs because of our talented digitizing team members.

Youth Sport Outfitting

We offer competitive pricing and exceptional service in outfitting youth sports teams of all ages. We specialize in baseball, softball, football, and volleyball but have produced uniforms for all types of sports.

Local Business Uniforms

If you're business is looking to supply uniforms for employees, we can deliver. We have business uniform packages for both screen printing and embroidery services.